About the PFC:

The PFC is the Parent Faculty Club.

Traditionally, school associations served as a conduit of communication between parents, teachers and the school administration. These associations also encouraged and enabled parent involvement in the functioning of the school, providing an avenue of input on class curricula, and school activities.

The PFC of White Oak Elementary School, which includes parents of White Oak students, as well as all members of the faculty, continues to serve this function as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. However, the severity of the California budget crisis and the inability of the state to properly support public education have significantly altered the mission of the PFC. Key aspects of your child’s elementary education would have been eliminated if it were not for the PFC financing provided to our school.

The PFC meets once a month and is open to all parents and faculty. As a parent/guardian of a White Oak student, you are invited and encouraged to attend the meetings. PFC representatives welcome questions and are in a position to assist parents and teachers.

Meet our 2019-2020 Board of Directors:

  • Co-President - Danielle Stone

  • Co-President - April Driscoll

  • ​Parliamentarian - Michelle Blum 

  • Secretary - Theresa Taylor

  • Treasurer Receivables - Aileen Pierce

  • Treasurer Payables - Rita Brikina

  • Co-Annual Giving - Elizabeth Martin

  • Co-Annual Giving- Stephanie Koors

  • Room Parent Coordinator - Wendy Cimino

  • Auction Fundraiser - 

  • VP Communications - Mariana Sullivan

    • Newsletter - Mariana Sullivan

    • Website - Mariana Sullivan

    • Directory - Elizabeth Galati

    • Display Cases - 

    • Registration-

  • VP Academic Affairs - Roz Slingenberg

    • Red Ribbon Week - 

    • Science Fair - Karen Hotchin

    • School Supplies - Laura McLane

    • Earth Week - Brenda Myers

    • Art Trek - Karen Hotchin

    • Art Fair - Karen Hotchin

    • Room Parent Coordinator - Wendy Cimino

    • Staff Appreciation - Cristie Jones & Kate Lawyer

  • VP Fundraising - Kim Brockman

    • Box Tops - Karen Hotchin​

    • Fun Run - Rosalind Slingenberg

    • Fifth Grade Events - Michelle Blum

    • Auction - 

    • Class Basket Coordinators

    • Annual Giving - Elizabeth Martin & Stephanie Koors

    • Party Books - Amy Helin

    • Golf-Bryon Corletto

  • VP Social Functions - Jen Liversidge and Karen Ostrovsky

    • Spotlight Talent Show - Dianne Bradbury and Jodi Borelli​

    • Welcome Committee - Tara Torre & Erin Smith

    • Yearbook - Karen Hotchin

    • TK/K Summer Playdates - Laura McLane

    • Fun Nights/Dances - 

    • Spirit Wear - Elizabeth Martin & Stephanie Koors

  • VP Community Liaison - Jodi Borelli

    • Enrichment - Rot Klingenberg

    • City Celebration - Julia Gelke

    • Book Fair - Natalie Likavec

    • Grant Writing - Jodi Borelli

Many thanks to all who volunteer their time, talent, resources and muscle! 

We appreciate YOU! 

©2019 White Oak Elementary PFC

White Oak Elementary

31761 Village School Rd

Westlake Village, CA 91361

Fulfillment Policy

All Spirit Wear and other orders will be delivered to White Oak Elementary School. All other orders will be marked fulfilled once the event has occurred. 

Return Policy 

Please contact whiteoakpfc@gmail.com with questions or concerns.

Most orders are considered a donation to our non-profit, PFC of White Oak Elementary, therefore all purchases are final.

** No refunds on Spirit Wear-All clothing items are pre-ordered.