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2022 / 2023 Annual Giving

Be the Difference – Make an Impact for Your Child This Year


To fund the White Oak programs, the PFC must raise at least $350,000 this year to supplement state funding.



Thank you for supporting the PFC of White Oak Elementary and our Lions!


Gardening Lesson

Lion's Den

$500 / child


˖ Car Magnet or Key Chain

(subject to availability)

˖ Entry to raffle for Specialist for a Class

Excited Children in Science Class

Lion's Pride 



˖ All of Lion's Den... PLUS

˖ Additional raffle entry for Lunch with the Principal

School Bus & Children

Lion's Roar



˖ All of Lion's Pride... PLUS

˖ Choice of Specialist for a Class or Lunch with the Principal

          Company Match is an important part of Annual Giving Donations!

  • If your donation is matched by your employer by January 1, 2023, the matched amount will count towards your annual giving total. 

  • White Oak PFC Tax ID # 23 – 7445805 – Donations are non-refundable

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